When I moved to New York City for the first time one year ago I had just gone from brunette to blonde with the help of a friend. My hair was not healthy in the slightest and in dire need of help. I was terribly scared of paying New York prices to get my hair done. This was mostly because I heard and saw incredibly high prices of most salons in the city. I decided to head upstate a month into living in the city to get my hair done by a salon I trusted. I got a reverse balayage to give my hair more dimension and to touch up my roots a bit. It turned out great and it seemed like the smart choice to continue getting my hair done upstate.

My First NYC Salon Experience

A few months passed and it was time to get my hair done again. I booked an appointment with the same salon upstate while I was home for the holidays. Unfortunately, I never made the appointment because of a classic Nor-eastern snowstorm. I was beyond upset because this meant I would have to find an actual salon in New York City that I trusted and wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Shortly after getting my tax return in the month of February I decided to treat myself. Asking for suggestions on Facebook was how I found my first official NYC salon, Laura Braunstein Salon. I got my hair done by nonother than Laura Braunstein herself, the color master. After my appointment, I was very happy with my balayage results. However, it did cost a whopping $300 with tip. I would say the money was worth it, the salon and staff were so nice and they had complimentary wine and coffee. It’s just something I wouldn’t normally have the extra money to spend on such a nice color experience and result.

Salon Apprentice

Just after that my lovely friend told me all about this site called Salon Apprentice. Basically, it’s like the classifieds for salons, spas, hairdressers, and cosmetologists to find models to practice on, demonstrate on, etc. You can sort by city, service, or basically anything else to find exactly what you’re looking for. I have found blowouts, microblading, eyelash extensions, haircuts, coloring and anything else you can imagine on this site. It is seriously an online haven for cheap beauty pampering.

A few months later in early June. It was time to get my hair done and I had found a listing for a full foil highlight at Fox & Jane salon in LES. I had heard great things about this salon so I figured I would give it a go and contact the listing. It all worked out and I was chosen to be one of the models. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Sarah Nevins. She did a wonderful job with my blonde locks and I was beyond thrilled. Especially since I only had to pay $20 for the supplies plus tip. I was beyond amazed that a 6 hour appointment only cost that much at a salon in Manhattan, even as a model. I was left with the most gorgeous sandy blonde locks which were so perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Ice Blonde for Fall

Fast forward to this week. I was in desperate need of getting my hair done. My roots were so bad the back of my hair looked very not blonde. It had been about 4 months since I had gotten my hair done and was not looking fresh at all. I saw that my stylist Sarah was looking for a hair model a few weeks ago so I slid into her DMs on Instagram. We made an appointment for this past Thursday and I was so excited to give my hair new life for Fall. I wanted something very blonde and cold to go with the changing seasons into the colder months.

After a 6 hour balayage appointment, I was left with the most perfect ice blonde hair. This is exactly the hair I was looking for, for the colder winter months. Sarah worked her magic yet again toning my hair and adding gloss for the most perfect tone and silky smooth locks. Again, only for the cost of materials plus tip.

It’s always such a pleasure working with Sarah and she does incredible work. Give her a follow on Instagram to see lots of beautiful locks in your feed. Hair modeling is something I would definitely recommend if you have the extra time and not a ton of extra money. I have yet to be disappointed and you can find exactly the service you are looking for if your schedule is flexible and you have an open mind about being a model. Trying other services is definitely in the future for me to improve and upkeep my look.