Being “better” in 2019

Personal growth is something I am always striving for whether it be getting a workout in, learning something new, or just being a kinder person. Isn’t it basic human instinct to want to be “better” whatever your version of “better” is. Since it’s the new year it’s only natural to reevaluate and make some goals and work on a better me. Some of my goals a.k.a. resolutions for the upcoming year are…

Create More

After leaving art school two years ago I have dropped the ball on being creative in a non-digital space. As much as I love web design, and graphic design I feel the need to get back to my roots and just create. There is something so magical about making something with your hands, the process is something great in itself. I would love to document this and maybe come up with more DIYs and crafts here on the blog and share my creative process with you all.

Keep My Space Clean

Now, I’m not going to say I’m the messiest person ever, and I’m not going to say I’m the cleanest. I’m probably somewhere in between where I can deal with a bit of mess if I’m by myself. But if I have company over my entire apartment needs to be spotless or I am absolutely mortified. I feel like my biggest struggle is keeping my kitchen clean. Without a dishwasher, my dishes seem to pile up which is kind of embarrassing but I am putting it out into the universe. Now that all of you know maybe I will do a better job and wash my dishes more than once a week.

I also attribute my messy apartment to added stress in my life. I just need to avoid putting off my household chores and be at peace leaving more time for content creation and the other things I would like to really do.

Get my Youtube channel launched

This is something I have actually been wanting to do for years. I had a channel in 2010 I posted a few vlogs on. This never took off and I didn’t have the right equipment to do it right so the channel kind of died. This year I would love to relaunch as a NYC single girl lifestyle channel. This is something some of you have expressed interest in me doing and I can’t wait to put up things like an apartment tour, my everyday makeup routine, and seasonal lookbooks. I also anticipate filming some DIY videos to post on my youtube channel as well. Let me know if you have any specific video requests. I want to make content you guys are genuinely excited about.

Make/Post Consistent Content

Posting consistently and creating quality content is something that is always on my mind. In 2018 I became way better at posting consistently and creating content on Instagram. In 2019 I would like to continue that and bring the consistency and content creation across my blog as well as Pinterest. Also including my youtube channel in there when that is officially launched.

In 2018 I began making schedules of when I would like specific content to go live. This sort of thing is super helpful since it gives me weekly goals and something to plan my freetime and content creation around. I always write these calenders in pencil so if I miss a mark I can just erase and rewrite the goal and not feel too bad. But it does definitely keep me on track for the most part when creating content and posting it. In 2019 I would like to fill up my calenders a bit more and be more dilligent in sticking to them.

Take Better Care of Myself

Since moving to the city unknowingly I have lost around 15-20 lbs just by walking around more and general lifestyle change. To any girl moving to a new apartment, a 4th floor walkup can become your best friend. But seriously, I would love to continue this bettering my actual physical health. I would like to try and get back into weight training like I was doing in college. It’s my favorite kind of way to workout and get lean. Plus I have all the tools at my apartment so there’s no need for an actual gym membership. Just my Beachbody on demand membership which I absolutely love.

On top of working out more, I would like to eat healthier. I am a stereotypical girl who would marry carbs if the law allowed so I need to stop gorging myself on macaroni and cheese and pizza a little less and more on my favorite veggies and protein. In my agenda at the beginning of the week, I tend to write down my anticipated meals, when doing that I just need to make sure I am planning on eating healthy meals I can be really excited about. Oftentimes when getting home from work it is easier and more comforting to make something processed and unhealthy. I really need to shake this bad habit in order to take better care of my body for my longterm health.

If you made it this far

Thank you! I cannot wait to share my 2019 journey with all of you. I cannot wait to grow my blog, Instagram and other creative endeavors. Do you have any goals and resolutions for the new year to better yourself? Let me know I want to hear any goals big or small!