As winter is winding down a bit and spring is just at our grasp I am practically jumping out of my winter clothes. I keep buying ALL of the spring clothes in preparation for warmer weather even though I know it’s going to be a good 2 months until I can actually wear them the way I would like, without bundling up. So that brings me to the trend I have been absolutely loving. Big Chunky Cardigans. 

Chunky Cardigans are the type of thing that are super warm and cozy yet they don’t totally overwhelm you. And even if it is warm enough you can wear them alone without a jacket. The only struggle is stuffing those chunky sleeves in your winter jackets when you do need to bundle up, it can be done, you just may look like a giant marshmallow.

Minus that one flaw, they are the perfect thing to layer with which is a win-win for me who is always layering in the winter months. Pair it with a cute dress, tights, and boots and you are good to go. Or even with jeans and a summery top and you are late winter ready! These cardigans are a bit on the pricier side but let me tell you, they are so so worth it. Especially with the little popcorn detailing into hearts, bubbles and more, you can tell how high quality they are. 

I’ve linked a few of my favorite styles below and some I have my eye on. I definitely think I will be adding more of these into my wardrobe to wear through spring and next winter season. Do you think you’ll be adding this trend into your wardrobe this season?