Spring is here but hasn’t seemed to have officially arrived here in New York yet. Needless to say, I am very eager for the flowers to pop up out of the ground and the trees and grass to turn from brown to green. I was in desperate need for my inner plant mom to see some green and growth. I took a trip up to the Bronx to the New York Botanical gardens last Sunday.

Obviously, the whole flower gardens weren’t in bloom and the grass was still mostly brown unfortunately.  However, there was a fantastic exhibit displaying orchids inspired by the gardens in Singapore. Dreamy I think is the operative word for the incredible displays of the delicate flowers. It was truly a tropical wonderland with color and wonderment around every corner.

Getting There

The trip itself up to the Bronx took a bit of time by subway from Brooklyn, but I definitely think it was worth the trip. I am hoping to make another trip once all of the gardens are in bloom later this spring or summer. My friend and I got there relatively early, but with only one indoor garden being open it was quite crowded and difficult to get any pictures without someone in them. If you plan to go I would definitely advise you to go on a weekday morning if you have the chance and want to make the trip. The exhibit was still beyond gorgeous and quite enjoyable even with the crowds. I think besides the children I may have been one of the youngest people at the exhibit.

Desert Goals

The one main reason I wanted to visit the gardens was to see all the southwestern desert plants. Cacti, succulents, and other things of the sort are my favorite and absolutely make me the happiest. I swear I stood in that section of the garden for the longest time just admiring the sheer size of all the cacti and desert plants. It may sound so strange but seeing these plants make me want to touch them and hug them, they’re just so cute. Don’t worry though I didn’t hug them as I would have been poked and that would not have been fun.

My Look

For my looks to the Garden I decided to break out my new pieces from Tezza’s INSPR collection which has a safari aesthetic themed to it. I am absolutely in love with the high quality of the pieces and the overall look. It was so perfect for the botanical location.

For those of you not in NYC and can’t take a trip to see these beautiful gardens check out my pictures below and relive my dreamy day through my lens. I got some amazing captures and can’t stop viewing them until spring officially hits New York City.