Spring means new growth, which means flowers are beginning to pop up everywhere everywhere. My mother has countless gardens and flowers everywhere at the house which I love. We always love going out to explore new things together.

Tulip Festival

Last weekend I went to the Tulip Festival with my mother. It was peak for tulips so all of the arrangements were absolutely gorgeous. There were so many different kinds of tulips and it was hard to even tell they were all the same type of flower. I was literally buried behind my camera to take in all of these gorgeous flowers. Now I have all these amazing photos

Since it was a super casual outing I decided just to opt for a T-shirt and jeans. I got this amazing graphic T from Lash Love Apparel. I love the super relaxed v neck look and it is a poly/viscose blend so it is super soft. The lash print is adorable and is not too loud of a print for a graphic T but it definitely has a ton of personality.

Since it was rainy I paired my favorite black tall glossy Hunter Boots with the look to keep my feet dry from the speculated afternoon rain. Also to keep myself dry I opted to add my American Eagle denim jacket to the ensemble. It was a nice contrast with my black jeans and my white shirt. I kept my accessories simple with a simpler thin black velvet choker.

Local Flower Finds

Yesterday was another fabulous girls day with my Mother. We started off the day at some neighborhood garage sales in Saratoga. I found some choice chick flicks on DVD for twenty-five cents a piece. Some titles included Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Needles to say I’m excited to have an upcoming girls night.

After the garage sale adventures we headed to Ballston Spa for some flower shopping. We  went to this adorable shop called Bulldog Gardens. It was hidden off of the main road so it is definitely a place you need to know to find it. We picked up some geraniums, marigolds, and some bacopa. This little greenhouse was super adorable the hanging baskets everywhere and beautiful flowers were to die for.

I highly recommend buying local for your flowers rather than supporting the big box stores. It was definitely cool to see my Mom chat with the owner of the greenhouse and have him remember his loyal customers from year to year. It’s the greatest feeling knowing that my flower purchase is helping someone’s business and improve their quality of life!

For a Saturday outfit I decided to keep it super casual since no one needs to dress up for garage sailing and flower shopping at a greenhouse. I wore my new long sleeve T-Shirt I got from the Magnolia online store. I wanted to channel my inner Joanna Gaines for the days events. Pairing this shirt with some simple jean and lace shorts added the perfect detailing to complete the look. Definitely a fun and casual look for a fun day.

If you have favorite flower shops or cute little day trips let me know what they are in the comments! I am definitely always on the look out for new things to do and places to go!