As many of you know, after a long break of blogging I have found a new job moved to New York City, and found a one bedroom apartment in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. To say these last few months have been crazy. But I am going to try and get back on the blog train and get this thing going again. I have a lot of exciting things planned so be sure to stay tuned.

With moving to a new city and starting a new job it’s a crazy transition. Especially with New York being such a hug fashion captial I had stumbled into a fashion rut. Coming from upstate New York most everyone dresses similarly and there is such a contrast in culture to the city. Seeing so many different styles and people everyday made me second guess myself and my overall look. 

I found myself last month in Chicago for business and stumbling around a huge designer fashion outlet mall unable to find anything that was truly “me”. I began scouring Pinterest for outfit insp. but I couldn’t decide who I truly wanted to be in this new city of mine. After a second lap of the mall and no purchases made I decided I needed to just find things I liked for me and not who I imagined myself one day to be. I decided I needed to be present in my style and just wear what makes me happy and comfortable and defines me as who I am as a person. After I decided that I was able to make some amazing purchases and continue on this amazing style journey of life. 

I am still struggling a bit with this but from the people I’ve talked to this seems quite normal so I don’t feel so helpless. I cannot wait to see where this new adventure in the city leads me but so far I am so incredibly happy and enjoying my time immensely. There are so many more opportunities for life and blogging here so I plan to fully take advantage of my time here and see where it takes me. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more.