Graphic Tees

My latest obsession recently has been graphic tees. In my high school days I wore band shirts and cardigans just about every day. Since then I’ve been totally turned off to the whole idea of graphic tees. Since working at a screen printing shop I have tried to separate myself from the over complicated and tacky designs of some graphic tees.

Ways to Wear

My favorite way to pair a graphic t-shirt is with a statement piece such as a textured skirt, a killer pair of ripped jeans, or even a blinded out super sparkly necklace. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not opposed to the casual graphic tee and leggings for a lazy Saturday or running to the store quickly. This just isn’t the look I am going for if I have to be in public for more than an hour. I always dress to impress.

My Look

For this look below I paired this graphic tee I got off etsy (Keep reading for where to get this) with this amazing layered skirt I got from the fabulous Target. The skirt is super comfy and it is an amazing length if you choose to wear it high waisted. Also you can never go wrong with black and pink. To finish off the look I added a simple velvet black choker and some black strappy heels.

Where to look

Being the type obsessed girl I am my favorite tees are the ones with quirky quotes, simple colors, and fun type. Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking. However, I have found some great tips on finding exactly what I am looking for. The first place I always look is Target. Target has the absolute best selection of graphic tees and they’re always mixing up their designs. I found the Namaste in bed shirt there on one of my infamous target hauls. Don’t get me wrong Target can be super overdone and you may end up with the same shirts as that girl you bump into on campus on the daily. But Target can be great if you’re not a secret hipster and don’t mind being too mainstream.

The second place I go to look for shirts is on Etsy. I love supporting small business and you can find super creative shirts and feel good about your purchase knowing that you are helping someone with their dream. For finding exactly what I am looking for I try and search by keywords of phrases I am looking for, or a general theme. I can guarantee you will find something perfect for you. One of my favorite retailers on Etsy is the amazing Chloe vs Tank. I found my amazing girl boss tank on there and I have some other wonderful pieces ordered and coming my way in the mail soon. 

The last place I find tees is online by finding great causes or like minded groups that have merchandise. I found this amazing site called Lash Love Apparel that specialized in garments and products for people who obsessed with all things lashes and makeup. I also recently purchased a shirt from Magnolia Market because I’m completely obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They key is to find what you love and find like minded people and brands that align with your passions and integrate those things into your brand.

I’d love to hear anyone’s favorite spots to find graphic tees or any tips or tricks to styling them. Leave me a comment below!