This blog post is in partnership with Desenio

When I moved into my new apartment one thing I wanted was to do was improve my wall art game. At my last place the wall art was loosely put together, I put up art I had accumulated over the years that didn’t totally all go together. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Being a decor junkie with a totally new and larger space I wanted to make sure everything was exactly right down to the perfect gallery wall. Desenio made the process of ordering a gallery wall super simple. I’m going to give you my personal tips to make your gallery wall extra special and wonderful.


If you know anything about me, you’ll know I am all about a good color scheme. This is essential in the perfect gallery wall. Choose two to three colors to emphasize in the prints you select. This will add an overall cohesiveness to space. I chose black and white to keep it super simple, but don’t be afraid to go for more color if you wish.

Subject matter

Subject matters very important when choosing your prints. Try your best and choose prints that have a similar vibe, subject, or theme. My one tip is to have a reason why you chose each print (other than, “I like the way it looks”) Prints with a special meaning will be more timeless and last longer in your decor arrangement long term and can be a great talking point when you have friends over to visit.

Print Size

For an interesting gallery wall a variety of sizes is best to draw your eye. I chose 3 different sizes for my variety of prints. For a more balanced look make the larger print sizes the more minimal prints.

I was super pleased with how my gallery wall came out, and Desenio made the ordering process super simple. For gallery wall examples and inspiration check out Desenio’s website here, and to order my exact gallery wall look here. Don’t forget use my code: EMMBECKS for 25% OFF prints at until October 1st.