Each time I take a trip to upstate New York I like to try or go somewhere new. It’s always nice to see different spots in a place that is so familiar to you. This past trip upstate I went Lavenlair Farm.  It is a lavender farm just outside of Lake George, NY in Whitehall NY. From my parent’s house it isn’t too far of a drive. It was the perfect little outing for my mother and I.

Lavenlair farm is a pick your own lavender farm with over 5,000 lavender plants of various varieties. The picking season goes from mid June through almost the whole month of July. I hit picking season perfectly with my trip upstate for the Fourth of July weekend. Lavenlair Farm also has a shop which is open from 10-4 until September 1st.

My outfit

To be honest I just wanted to go mainly to take a cute photo for Instagram. I wore my new lavender colored dress from Showpo. This dress was just too cute not to take a trip to a gorgeous setting like this and pick some lavender. It was the perfect outfit. One of the employees even told me that I “had to” get a photo in the fields in “that dress”. I paired it with my Kristin Made Picking Berries Bag, and some basic white sandals from Target.

Picking the lavender

The actual picking was pretty simple, although my mother picked the majority of the lavender. I simply watched and enjoyed the view. A bundle of lavender a little bigger than the circumference of a quarter was $5. A pretty good deal if you ask me! Upon arriving you were given a little tutorial of how to cut the lavender properly as well as some of the differences between the different varieties.

Lavenlair Farm even had tours for $10 a person at 11am and 2pm every day. We decided to opt out of the tour. The whole farm looked so wonderful and lovely I bet the tours are worth it if you have the time. The Farmhouse was around 200 years old so it was fun just to gaze and wonder the kind of history that happened over the years.

The Shop

After picking our two bundles we went into the little shop to check out. They had so much more little lavender themed gifts and trinkets you could purchase. I opted for a lavender colored and scented scrunchie. My mother purchased some lavender honey which was absolutely to die for. The store also had some candles, lotion, jelly, and everything in between.

If you ever find yourself in Upstate New York and are looking for a unique and fun activity, I definitely recommend checking out Lavenlair Farm. Even if you just want to go for an Instagram photo it is worth the trip. Next time I am upstate during the season I will definitely be making a trip to the Lavenlair Farm.