This post is sponsored by Waterl<ss.

Since social distancing began, my daily routine has drastically changed, as I’m sure most of yours have. One of the things in my daily routine that has changed the most is how I take care of my hair.

Without the need to go out to social activities, work, and other places I have taken the opportunity to lay off heat styling and give my hair a healthy break. I’ve also given it a break by choosing not to shampoo my hair daily. With all these decisions, I still wanted a way to maintain my signature loose blonde curls. I have come up with the perfect solution with the help from my new go-to dry shampoo brand Waterl<ss. The best part about Waterl<ss is that it’s residue free so there is no need to worry about having that weird white powder in your hair like a normal dry shampoo. They have a great backstory too. Designed by a small group of scientists who wanted to create non-wash products for all types of hair that would actually work. As products were ready for use, a crisis emerged in Cape Town, South Africa and soon became the perfect place to put these products to the test. In January 2018, the city (of 4 million!) announced they were about four months away from running out of WATER! Waterl<ss provided the women of Cape Town with non-wash products that gave them clean, fresh hair without using a single drop of water.

How to

  1. Start with dry or slightly damp hair for the best result. 2nd day hair works best for me personally. Apply Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo to your root section and brush through your hair. This helps fight grease in your hair and adds texture to hold your heatless curls.
  2. Apply Waterl<ss dry conditioner to roots for added moisture. Brush product through your hair. I find my ends get dry after day 1 and this helps with that issue.


3. Take a tie from a bathrobe and place it on your head. Feel free to fold in half like me if your hair is on the shorter side.

4. Twist and wrap your hair around the tie on each side of your head. Start with the front pieces and twist and wrap away from your face. With each turn around the tie gather more sections of your hair. Do the same with the back of your hair and twist and turn in the opposite direction. Feel free to individually wrap more sections around your tie if you missed a section.

5.Use a scrunch to secure your hair and the tie together once you reach your ends.

6.Repeat steps four and five on the other side of your head.

7.Keep your hair tied up and go to sleep.

8. In the morning undo your hair, apply more Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo for more oil control and brush fingers through hair to blend curls.

And that’s it! You have beautiful loose curled hair that is easy maintenance and heatless, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Grab yours at Sally Beauty here!

What are some ways you use dry shampoo in your daily haircare routine?