This past week I visited the much anticipated Museum of Ice Cream. This new permanent flagship museum/ experience was something out of a pink dreamland. With over 13 installations spread across 3 floors and 25,000 square feet, it’s a dreamland for any sweets of ice cream lovers.

Anticipating a lot of children and families I opted to book tickets for a weeknight at 7 pm. This was a smart move as I have heard weekends can be extremely busy. I think this would be very difficult to take advantage of some of the incredible photo ops with so many children around.

The Experience

When you walk in you are treated with a super aesthetic and pink ice cream store complete with an ice cream bar. This is open to the public free of charge if you just want to grab a scoop of any of their incredible flavors. They also have lots of cute merchandise available for purchase.

Just beyond the ice cream bar is the entrance to the “museum.” Before entering the experience you have to fill out a name tag with a new ice cream identity. I assumed the identity of Butter Becker Pecan. Not a great choice, I am aware, but I am terrible at coming up with ice cream themed puns on the spot.

For the most part, your experience is self-guided with unique ice cream treats along the way. So be prepared for lots of sugar and dairy. Each room has a different theme with at least one photo op or activity. It’s definitely lots of fun and an Instagram haven for someone like me.

My Favorite Things

The overall experience was amazing, but some of the installations definitely topped others. Some of my favorite spots were the pink subway “skybeca” car, the two-toned banana room, the rainbow lit hallway. I also enjoyed the 3 story slide and of course the pool of sprinkles. Definitely remember to bring or wear socks so you can experience the sprinkle pool in full force! It’s actually very relaxing to walk and sit in.

The Downfalls

The whole experience was fun. It was something I’m definitely glad I carved out time in my schedule for. However, the experience is a pretty hefty price at almost $50 per person after ticket fees. At such a high ticket price I do think it is worth it.  The Museum of Ice Cream was one of the best museum-type experiences I have been to in New York. Although, if you’re not super into experiences like this, and aren’t into taking cute ice cream themed pics you would probably just enjoy grabbing a scoop at the ice cream bar in the gift shop.

Even though I did say it is worth the price. It isn’t all a Jim Dandy and more. I had a few complaints about my experience. There were quite a few people throughout the whole experience with hired photographers that would take a million-and-one shots. This made long waits to enjoy specific fixtures in the museum, or even rooms. I can’t even imagine what this would look like on a busy weekend.

My other only complaint is that the different “colored” lighting in each room makes it difficult for amazing for photos. It is especially difficult if you’re looking for a specific editing look. I found myself editing for hours trying to get a particular edit.

Finishing Thoughts

As I said the museum of ice cream is the best museum experience I’ve been to in NYC. That being said if you have to choose one to go to one this would be it, but if you’re not into this sort of thing I honestly would skip it. It’s the perfect rainy day or nighttime activity though, and as a New Yorker, it’s definitely a fun place to go as I don’t have a limited amount of time to explore the city.

Have you been yet? Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear!