Everyone wants to know, what’s the secret to growth on Instagram. How do I get my posts seen by a wider audience and gain loyal followers? I may have just the secret sauce for you, it’s called hashtags. Now I’m sure you’ve heard hashtags are great and increase your reach and all that jazz but how do you make them worth your while.

Why Hashtags?

Hashtags simply put increase your reach to a wider audience. With the opportunity to add 30 hashtags to each post that gives you 30 more additional feeds you can appear on and with a potential for hundreds or thousands of additional impressions. Also with Instagrams new hashtag follow tool you have the potential to show up on somebody’s main feed organically. And of course, with more impressions, that means more likes, saves, and comments and the potential to show up on the explore page.

Best Practices

So the biggest complaint I hear about not using hashtags is because adding more than 1 or 2 into your caption seems bulky too advertisey and inauthentic. My trick to fix that is to add them into your first comment right after you post your picture. Now, don’t just post them here. I would add a few dots before vertically so you don’t see the hashtags at all. What you do see is […] which is basically harmless if your biggest concern with hashtags is aesthetics.

Another best practice with hashtags is variety. Overall I try my best to vary hashtags a bit from post to post. This helps bring in a wider audience. I notice when I am constantly posting the same type of content and hashtagging it the same each post gets less and less exposure. One of my best posts this year so far has gotten way more impressions than I have ever thought of and used mostly hashtags I have never used before.


Now here’s my best kept not so secret tool, Tailwind. Tailwind is an amazing app that helps you schedule Instagram posts for the best times and it also helps you get the best hashtags for each post. When you sign up for Tailwind your first 30 posts you schedule are completely free. This is definitely my ultimate go-to app for Instagram growth!

Now with Tailwind, it gives you 4 categories of hashtags. Niche, Good, Best and Competitive. I try and use about an equal number of good, best, and competitive hashtags and sprinkle in a few niche hashtags to get the best results. Tailwind makes it super easy as they color code each hashtag so you know what types of hashtags you are using.

My Favorite Hashtags

Now as having variety in your hashtags is super important it’s great to have a good foundation of hashtags for your specific niche you’re trying to grow your Instagram in. I have collected some of my favorites in categories such as fashion, travel, crafts & DIY, as well as quotes and more. As a thank you for your support I am offering you my ultimate hashtag list you when you sign up for my email newsletter.

I hope you found this very informative and helpful and you use these tools to grow your Instagram. Let me know if you do, I would love to hear.