I’ve never been much of a jewelry person. However recently, I’ve had to practice the rule that you’re supposed to take off the last thing you put on. This is because I have fallen in love with all things jewelry.

Over the past few months I have been toying with the idea of getting a second hole in my ears so I could have even more fun with jewelry.

Piercing Party

This past Saturday, I went to a cute little party at the Pandora Hudson Yards store to celebrate their new ME Collection. The space was so bright and adorable. In celebration Pandora was having a piercing party where you could get a free piercing with a $40 purchase. 

I opted in for the free piercing because I thought it would be fun and it gives me more opportunity to wear fun jewelry. I filled out a form, picked my earrings, sat in the chair and a few moments I had two new earrings! It was a quick pinch and nothing more. The best part was that they had my favorite van Leeuwen ice cream for after your piercing to heck deal with the pain, or just to eat because ice cream is fantastic.

The Pandora Me Collection

Since we were celebrating I took a look at the Me Collection by Pandora Jewelry. It was a small, simple, yet personalized design for the collection. Perfect for anyone wanting to express their personality through jewelry.

I was gifted a bracelet with 3 charms on it. The three charms were the cactus, hearts, and the unicorn. I am so obsessed and cannot wait to wear it out and about.

I also got a pair of fun heart earrings that I cannot wait to wear once my new piercing is healed. I am one week into my piercing and I could not be more obsessed with  having a second hole. I am so happy I attended this fun event with Pandora


This Post has been sponsored by Pandora Jewelry