If anyone knows me you know that I am never without an agenda book or a little notebook. I love writing things down with a pencil and paper rather than just typing it out. Funny how I have a public online blog rather than a diary of my own. But I digress, with all that in mind I try and keep my life as organized as possible.

Once a week before my life gets completely hectic, usually on a Sunday I take an hour or two to write out and put together a loose plan for my week. This doesn’t just include my work schedule and social events. This includes my daily outfits, what I am eating for dinner, and planning when I am shooting and writing content and when that content goes live. I also try and schedule in my cleaning different parts of my apartment as well as self-care. This is very important!

That being said my agenda is super important to me. It has to be cute, well made and have enough space for my little daily notes, plans etc. There is something special about writing things down, seeing your own handwriting. It’s more committal than something digital and I feel that it helps me remember things going on in my life. Which is amazing as forgetful I am.

With all this said an agenda is super important in my life and I could not wait to get a new book to fill up in the new year. I grabbed this dog-themed agenda from Anthropologie and it is the cutest thing ever. I love to get most of my agendas from Anthropologie. Their layout and quality have worked so well for me in the past few years.

I’ve linked below some of my favorite agendas I’ve had over the years in the most recent 2019 version of course. Get on my level and start planning your day for maximum efficiency like me!