Ever since moving to NYC and starting a new job I’ve been crafting a lot more. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m surrounded by such inspiration and craft supplies on a daily basis. And what a better way to introduce a new category on my blog than with such a fun DIY with my favorite craft supplies…pom poms!

Metal Mash Up

The Kid Made Modern Smarts + Crafts Metal Mash Up is one of my favorite craft kits. It has literally everything you need to craft just about anything ever. And to top it off everything in this kit is a beautiful copper, gold, or silver hue so it matches my aesthetic perfectly. In my case it had everything I needed to craft the most perfect pom pom earrings. Keep reading for step by step instructions to craft these beautiful baubles.

4. The next step is to take your disco ball shaped bead and string each end of wire through at each end. Pull tight to tie up any loose ends.

5. The last and final step is to weave the remaining wire up through your pom pom and into your string of beads to hide the remaining wire. This secures the end of the earring to ensure it will not unravel or fall apart.

Viola! You have your own set of pom pom earrings. Now all you need to do to wear them is to loop them in with your favorite pair of posts.  Let me know if you tried this DIY and how it turned out!



Everything you need to make these earrings is in this kit so no need to buy lots of different supplies. What you’ll need from your kit is 2 medium sized pom poms in the color of your choice, your choice of a variety of beads, 2 of the disco ball shaped beads, and some wire, two pieces to be exact.


1.The first step is to take your two pieces of wire and make a loop in the middle of the wire. I made a double loop just to make sure my earring would be secure and structured. This loop will be used to secure your pom pom dangles to the post style earrings of your choice.

2. The next step is to string beads up both ends of wire to the loop you created. You can add as many beads you would like to dictate how long you would like your earrings to be. I made both of my earrings symmetrical with my beading but feel free to be jazzy and mix it up.

3. The third step is to take the two ends of the wire and string it through the pom pom of your choice. I tried my best to string it through each side of the pom pom so it was symmetrical. Just a tip if you can do it, pom poms can be finicky though.

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