Spontaneous day trips are one of my favorite things as many of you know. Last weekend I had the pleasure to go on a very unexpected and lovely trip up to the great city of Burlington Vermont! I am so lucky to have Burlington be such a short drive away where I can take a quick day trip there and still have time in my day to do other things.

The whole idea came up when UPS lost my package from Amazon that I overnighted to my house. I needed the most coveted Field Notes by Aaron James Draplin of DDC for a workshop with him on Monday. Since there are many limited store that carry Field Notes I had to research and find the closest place that carries them. I found a lovely store in Burlington, VT called Common Deer that carried them. So I planned a trip with my lovely gal pal Dana to the hipster mecca of the northeast.

We left the next morning and fueled up on some Dunkin Donuts on our way. I got my usual caramel swirl coffee accompanied with hash browns and a sandwich. The new pretzel croissant sandwich  I tried was to die for. I highly recommend trying it if you a breakfast fan like me. After we got our morning pick me up we hit the road in the pink VW beetle. We blasted some classic Disney tunes as we drove through the rolling hills of Vermont.

Field Notes

After a a couple hours we rolled into town. Lucky for us there is free parking on Sundays so we got a prime parking spot right in downtown for free! Our first stop was Common Deer. This amazingly adorable store features all made in USA products which is fantastic. They had lots of Field notes which I was relieved to see so I picked up two 3 packs and went on my way. At my workshop on Monday I received 2 more Field Notes and my lost package was found and delivered so I’m pretty much set for a while on Field Notes.

The Little Black Sale Dress

I headed up to Church Street which is the center hub for shopping and food. Most of the shopping is too overpriced for us but it is definitely fun to window shop and dream. We head into the little mall towards the top top of the street to go to the more commercial stores. Francesca’s is our first stop and we are start browsing the racks. A black high waisted dress on the sale rack catches my eye. It is absolutely perfect. It has cutouts and a high low silhouette and is super flattering. The perfect occasion to wear it will come up eventually, and I can’t wait until that day. You can never have too many black dresses. A black dress is so versatile and I have so many of them in the closet, but what’s one more.

White Lace Bustier

Our next stop is Victorias Secret. I have been on the hunt for a coconut white strapless dream angels mini bustier for a few weeks with no avail. This amazing piece of lingerie was sold out at the 3 closest shops and online so I was hoping to find one in Burlington. We walk in and look around and it isn’t looking great. This store is in a serious need of an update and I’m beginning to feel hopeless. The beautiful piece of white lace catches my eye and I head over to see if my size is in stock and it is! I have this amazing coupon for a strapless bra and panty for only $45 so this is a total steal.

Wine Tasting

We shop at a few more stores before heading out of town and head back to Upstate New York. On the way up to Vermont we saw an adorable Vineyard in Shelburne so we planned to stop on the way back. Lucky for us the Shelburne Vineyard was still open on a Sunday for tasting so we made a stop to try some wine. The architecture of the building was absolutely exquisite. The little details and the high ceilings made this spot the quintessential place to taste some wine on an overcast afternoon. We tried 5 white wines and 4 red wines. I loved all of the white wines, they were sweet and light. My favorites were the Cayuga White and the 2015 Celestial Louise. The best part of the tasting was that I got to keep the wine glass.

Continuing on our way we made it to New York finally and stopped in Fort Ann at the Battle Kill Brewing Company for some food. Neither of us are big fans of beer but we heard some good things so we stopped in for a bite. I got a burger which was alright but I was expecting it to beer a bit more savory and crafty. The space was super cute and Adirondacky. It was definitely a place I would bring my Dad to, and would recommend if you’re looking for a nice place to get some craft brew.

Overall I had a fantastic girls day and spontaneous road trip. I can’t wait for the next one and to drive around aimlessly and discover some fantastic things!