As many of you know from my recent instagrams I took an amazing vacation to the Florida coast. No vacation to the beach is complete without a few swimsuits so I obviously had to stock up before my trip. Here were my picks, that you’ve all been asking where I got them.

I’ve been really into one piece swimsuits so all my picks are one pieces. Since it was my first beach trip of the season I didn’t want to expose my skin too much and burn to a crisp, even though I still did.

Pale Pastels + Cutouts

My first pick is this super fun pale yellow monokini. I am absolutely in love with the vintage feel and fun cutout and tie in the front. I received so many compliments on this suit. The yellow color was so perfect and yellow is very on trend for this spring summer season.

It’s from Forever 21 and it fits surprisingly well. Sometimes tend to run small, but this fits me perfectly. I got a size Large for reference. This suit does come with an optional strap so you can wear it strapless or as a halter. I definitely needed the strap or else there would definitely be some wardrobe malfunctions happening.

Overall this was a great suit and exceeded my expectations for a Forever 21 swimsuit.

Stunning Stripes


My second pick was this super cute striped one piece. I was eyeing one on Albion Fit’s website that looks super similar but I was not about spending $130 on a basic one piece with stripes. I found this dupe on Amazon and it’s almost the same exact thing. The only real visual difference is that the stripes are a tad larger, but I was willing to sacrifice the thinner stripes for a much cheaper swimsuit.

As far as sizing, I sized up since swimwear can tend to be smaller on Amazon and I’m glad I did. This fits me so perfectly for a size XL. My recommendation is to look at the size chart and go off of that and you’ll be golden. I definitely recommend this for the price. It’s super cute and a suit I will definitely be wearing through the rest of the season.

Floral + Teal Dreams

My last suit was from Amazon as well. This suit was a last minute decision on my part. I found this as I was carelessly browsing Amazon one late night. I saw this and thought the print was the cutest and I had to buy it. One perk of this suit is that the back is fully covered so if you’re prone to burning you can lay out and not worry about getting too terribly burnt. Also, the little oranges on the print are simply adorable.

This suit was kind of unique in the fact that they were sized numerically. I ordered a size 14 just to be on the safe side (I’m generally a 12-14) This suit fit pretty well for the most part. The bust area was a tad large, so if I had the time I would definitely have exchanged this for a size 12, but overall it fits great. Luckily it does have a tie so I was able to cinch my chest tighter to make up for the largeness in that area.

Colorful Coverup

No beach look is complete without a colorful coverup. I had been searching the internet for the perfect one. I have really been into vintage looks recently so the designer Catherine Ogust caught my eye. I have been seeing these colorful caftans on Pinterest and my favorite Instagrammers over the past few years and decided that was something I needed in my spring break wardrobe.

After scouting for 2 months on Etsy, Depop, Poshmark, and eBay I finally found one that was the perfect length and color combo I was looking for. It was just too perfect since it covered my arms mostly, and left my legs exposed so I could still tan while not betting super burnt. I definitely recommend vintage shopping online. I can be a fun game and you can find some of the best treasures. Also, vintage shopping in person can be fun too, but if you’re looking for something specific I would definitely recommend checking out Etsy.

Let me know in the comments where your favorite suits are from. Also, let me know what trends you’re looking forward to in swimwear this season, I’d love to hear.