As I stand and write this blog post from the subway station waiting for my train to arrive and bring me home I am reminded that there is never a truly dull commute in New York City. Just this morning I was serenaded by a busker to Harry Nilsson’s without you on the melodica. Even though my commute is a little unexpected at times I still need to get through it just like anyone else. The one thing I can always count on to keep me sane is my podcasts.

Until moving to New York I was never much for listening to someone ramble about a particular topic for a set amount of time. Flash forward to a year and a half later and it’s the one thing that keeps me sane. To be honest, living alone can be lonely and a commute alone can be even more lonely. Imagine being in a crowded subway car knowing no one, Not able to make eye contact with anyone or speak to a single soul. My podcasts are kind of like my little friends inside my phone that I get to “talk to” on my commute. Granted they’re the ones doing all the talking but in New York when your whole day can oftentimes be spent by yourself it can make all the difference in your sanity.

So here are my current weekly listens. These podcasts are my ride or die during my commute and in general daily life.

When I’m Needing a Friend

What We Said Podcast


What We Said Podcast opened the door for me to the world of podcasts. Before this, I had never given listening to a podcast a thought. I believed podcasts were for people who were looking for a solution, help, or looking to learn something. I never knew a podcast could be just as enjoyable and carefree as listening to music. Podcasts made me think I had to be ready and listening with a notepad and a pen ready to take notes. Sort of like I was in class or something. Oh how wrong I was.

Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsea Jade are a wonderful pair of you 20-something women just talking about life, embarrassing moments, love, all while dropping little bits and pieces of info along the way. I have been listening to this podcast for a little over a year and I’ve yet to be disappointed by an episode. Jaci and Chelsea have found the perfect balance between fun and casual, informative and deep. I always end listening feeling filled, inspired, happy, and ready to start my day on a good foot.

My favorite segments are when they ask listeners to send in their own personal stories about a certain topic. I often find myself laughing to myself while riding the subway to work (which is embarrassing in itself). It’s definitely a favorite when I’m needing a laugh or am missing my best friends.

Pretty Basic Podcast

After searching for a podcast that matched the tone and quality of What We said Podcast I stumbled upon Pretty Basic podcast. This podcast is hosted by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz who are YouTubers. To be honest I had never watched either one of their videos on YouTube before listening to their podcast. I just wanted another podcast with two girls I could relate to and listen to silly stories, and that is exactly what I got.

Pretty Basic podcast reminds me of a sleepover in middle school when all your BFFs dish on the hot gossip of the week. Remi and Alisha get so personal and honest I feel so close to these two girls even though I’ve never met them in my life. The sheer amount of giggling that happens in this fills my ears with joy and makes me feel like I’m apart of something really special. Definitely worth a listen.

Thick & Thin

Being the only one of my hometown and college friends that moved to New York City it was a pretty isolating experience. I began looking for someone or something I could relate to (there’s only so many episodes of Friends and Sex and The City) I stumbled upon this after seeing it on a NYC friend’s insta story earlier this year and was intrigued. Katy Bellotte (the podcast host) was a girl living out her first year in New York City as a full-time employee with an incredible side hustle as YouTuber/ influencer. It was so relatable and something I was desperately looking for in my life.

Katy doesn’t just skim the surface of topics in her podcast, she gets deep. I mean really deep, the kind of deep you get with your BFF on a Saturday night after one too many glasses of wine. She unpacks the thoughts and topics going on in my head that I don’t have the courage or depth to talk about in my own life. It’s oftentimes nice to just listen to and know someone is going through the same exact things I’m going through as a young single New Yorker. I’m not usually much of a deep kind of person but this almost always hits the spot when I’m needing some quality “gal pal” time.

When I’m Needing a Laugh

The Bitch Bible

This is by far the podcast I look forward to most every week. There’s something wonderfully crude and real about Jackie Schimmel. She’s the friend who speaks the absolute truth, and watches the Real Housewives, and The Bachelor with you. She doesn’t play mind games and gets right to the point of what she’s saying. This podcast is not for the faint of heart. The Bitch Bible will get you rolling on the floor with the crass humor and sharp witted remarks to her guests.

And let me tell you, her guests are the best of any podcast I ever listen to. If I don’t know her guests, I am falling in love with them by the end of the episode. Ranging from Real Housewives, to ex-boyband members, celebrity hairstylists, and her real life friends I have yet to find an episode I did not thoroughly enjoy. Bonus tip, If you love Jackie and her podcasts her sick witted humor continues on her instagram stories

When I’m Needing Motivation

The Goal Digger Podcast


To be honest some days I can get so bogged down by my full-time job and side hustle. It’s a lot of work and I do enjoy it immensely however, some days you just need a little kick of confidence and motivation. The Goal Digger podcast is always the kick in the pants I need to get right on track.

Jenna Kutcher (the host) is an online marketing maven and has all the best tips for all things social media.This podcast is one you definitely need to listen to with your morning coffee and a notebook and pen. Jenna spills so many secrets to instagram, email marketing, SEO and more. Plus oftentimes she has amazing guests with personal success stories that can be so inspiring to keep going in my daily hustle. If you’re a fellow boss babe like myself and aren’t listening to this podcast you need to drop everything right now and subscribe. I’m serious!

Blogging Unscripted


When I’m seeking some blogging and instagram tips on engagement, growth, and pitching Danielle Gervino is my gal. After following her beautiful pastel and SoHo filled feed I knew I was going to love her newest venture. Her podcast is another one you’re definitely going to want to take notes while listening. If you’re on your commute the notes section of your phone is a great spot to do so.

One thing I like about this podcast is it’s not the same tips you hear from every other blogger when talking about instagram growth. She tells you real strategies and doesn’t dance around the subject, she gets right to the point. The best part is she breaks down each podcast by topic so it’s great to pick and choose what to listen to based on which area of blogging you’d like to focus on.

When I’m Needing Self love

Sierra Unfiltered


This podcast is just shy of it’s fourth episode when I’m writing this but it’s quickly becoming my new favorite podcast. Youtube’s body positive queen Sierra Schultzie has started a new podcast with her BFF Skylar. This podcast is focused around body image, self acceptance as well as navigating your 20’s. This definitely falls under the BFF type of podcast I love, but it’s an amazing thing to listen to when I need a boost in self confidence and body image.

If you’re all about the body positivity like I am head over and give this a listen and be one of the OG lsiteners while there is still time!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight to what I listen to on a daily basis during my daily commute. If you listen to podcasts I’d love to know which ones you can’t get enough of. I am always on the lookout for new favorites to add to my list!