Takeout Traditions

If anyone knows me, you know one of my favorite things in the entire world is getting takeout or delivery on a Friday night. It’s been a Friday tradition for me since I moved to the city almost 2 years ago. Chinese food is definitely a go-to choice for me on a Friday night.

Now Panda Express is a part of that tradition. Growing up upstate there was never any Panda Express restaurants. When moving to the city it wasn’t at the forefront of places I “had to” try, simply because I didn’t know they were here. I always associated Panda Express with the west coast. But guess what, they’re here in New York City. More importantly, they’re in Brooklyn.

The Food

So last Friday I took the bus a whole 2 stops to my local Panda Express in Brooklyn, for some good old fashioned Chinese takeout. I got a variety of things including the classic Orange Chicken, the chow mein, white rice, and their brand new Sichuan Hot Chicken. Of course, I also got my favorite cream cheese rangoons and fortune cookies for good measure. Everything was so delicious and hit the spot after a long work week.

My absolute favorite thing was the Sichuan Hot Chicken. It was crispy chicken with a little kick from the spicy Sichuan peppercorns. But, if that’s not spicy enough for you there is an additional spicy topping you can add to kick it up a notch. Definitely my favorite of everything I ordered as a spicy food lover myself.

I was honestly surprised how tasty and well-made everything was. It was all fresh and the ingredients in the food were high quality. You could tell that it was real protein and vegetables in all the food. This is amazing and hard to find in a lot of chain restaurants. As I was ordering my food there was constantly new food being cooked, so I know everything I ordered was fresh and delicious.

With a Panda Express so close to my apartment in Brooklyn it’s going to be hard for me to wait until Friday’s to order my new favorite takeout. My mouth is watering just writing this blog post.

Want to try Panda Express yourself? Head over to my dedicated Instagram post for the chance to win a $20 gift card to try out Panda Express yourself.