As a I am living on my own there are certain moments in my life when I feel more and more like an actual functioning adult. Today was one of those days. After I got out of work I went to Target to pick up a few things. For Easter my parents sent me a small gift card to Target so I was on the hunt for a little treat for myself.

Normally when I have a gift card to Target I tend to be frivolous and buy something like shoes or clothes, but today I wanted to be a more responsible adult. I went down the escalators after reluctantly passing all of the women’s clothes and there in front of me was the new Opalhouse home line. I had completely forgotten the new home line had been released and with excitement I began to browse. Then out of the corner of my line I spotted the absolute perfect towels.

 They were dark gray and off white with a beautiful ornate design. It matches the black and white theme of my apartment perfectly. The second towel is prominently white with a design detail on one end and tassels. These two towels compliment each other perfectly and are fun and classic at the same time. I especially like the tassels and fringe at each end. They have added texture on the towel makes them amazingly soft and super absorbent ,which makes for the ever perfect set of towels. So of course, I had to do a quick mini shoot with these towels just because I’m in love. And who doesn’t love a fun impromptu shoot.

Have you bought anything from Target’s new line Opalhouse? If you have let me know and comment below!