Last Fall I was stumbling around H&M shopping aimlessly for nothing. That’s when I found it. The jacket that would become my favorite, warmest, and most versatile jacket season after season. This jacket goes with literally everything. From dresses of all colors, jeans, midi skirts. I literally always get so many compliments and questions about where I got my coat.

Because of this, I am so happy to say that H&M has brought back the same exact coat for Fall/ Winter 2018. I won’t go on and on about how amazing it is but I will tell you one thing. Last January on my way to work on the uptown R train I had a random stranger on the train fall asleep on my shoulder while wearing this coat. This wasn’t a light sleep either, this girl was in a legit slumber on my shoulder. If anything, that proves how comfy and cozy this coat is.

Something that’s stylish and comfy, and on trend is something you definitely cannot pass up. I’ve linked my exact coat here! And for those who aren’t into this exact style I’ve linked many other Teddy, sherpa, shearling, faux fur(whatever you want to call them) coats below. Happy Shopping!