My Sweater Obsession

As the weather cools down I am beginning to unpack my sweaters and buy all of the new ones. I was never much of a sweater wearer growing up. But in the past few years, I have literally packed my closet full of sweaters. I usually stick to neutral drapes and oversized sweaters until this season. Sweaters are so comfy and I can’t get enough of hanging out in my apartment in just a sweater and cozy socks.

But it’s not just sweaters that I am loving, it’s striped sweaters and rainbow sweaters of any kind. If they are oversized or cropped even better. If you couldn’t tell by my Instagram feed I love color, so I decided this was the year to bring in some bright and multicolored sweaters into my closet.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Who doesn’t love color, especially when it’s all the colors of the rainbow? Rainbows just generally make me happy, so when it’s in cozy sweater form I die from happiness. Here are my top picks for rainbow specific sweaters. I have many of these sweaters in my closet and many of you have been asking where I find them on Instagram so here they are!

Stripes on stripes on sweaters

Who doesn’t love a good stripe? I mean it is such a classic look and hardly ever goes out of style. This season I have been seeing more than your regular black and white stripes and to be honest I am living my best life. Give me all the stripes, I’ll take them happily any color combination, size, and variation.

Last year I was so afraid of introducing any color into my wardrobe. Now I am slightly afraid to stick a neutral in. It’s so crazy and I can probably attribute it to the fact that I now work at a Kid’s craft company filled with things colorful. Follow me on Instagram to continue following my colorful fashion journey and see where this next year takes me and my style.