With Valentine’s coming up it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your significant other. Since I don’t have anyone to shop for this Valentine’s season I am going to help you all out. This is perfect as someone who has always wanted to receive something on Valentine’s I know exactly the perfect gifts to give. So send your significant other’s this link, or just browse and get something for yourself.


The first thing I always think of when Valentine’s gifts come to mind is jewelry. It’s classic, beautiful and can be worn over and over again to commemorate and display your love and affection. This makes jewelry the perfect Valentine’s gift.

My first pick for jewelry is the Bound Jewels “Lucky You” earrings. This modern upside-down horseshoe design is simple, unique and also has a special meaning to bring good luck to your budding relationship. I have worn these earrings out a few times and I have received so many compliments so they make a great gift to yourself too.

Bound Jewels was gracious enough to share a discount code of 15% off your purchase with code EMILY

Another great option for jewelry is custom jewelry. This is a super special and thoughtful way to temper a specific date, place, or memory with your special someone. One of my favorite brands for custom jewelry is Capsul. I have a custom necklace to commemorate my move to New York City. I wear this necklace all of the time and it’s so special to me.

They have many options for custom jewelry such as signature necklaces, sound-wave rings. They even have custom roman numeral jewelry to celebrate a specific date such as an anniversary or birthday.


I think the second Valentine’s gift that comes to my mind is flowers. If anyone knows me, you know that I love flowers of any kind, and often buy a bouquet for myself just for fun. The flowers I have been dreaming of receiving are from Farmgirl Flowers. These beautiful blooms are rustic, chic, and would be an absolute dream to receive. They have so many beautifully designed bouquets and have special Valentine’s arrangements.

Designer Item

So one dream item on my list would be to receive a designer purse, scarf, or something of the sort. Since this is a bit of a big ask and a pricy item I would recommend looking on The Real Real. If you haven’t heard of it The Real Real is an online designer consignment store. This is the best way to get designer pieces in my opinion. Everything is authenticated and at a cheaper price point so it won’t break the bank.

Use code REAL for 20% off your first purchase at The Real Real


Scent is such a trigger for memories and can be the perfect gift for someone. Perfume is a thoughtful gift and something to use every single day and remember the one you love. Some of my personal favorite scents are Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede, and Gucci Bloom.

My tip for purchasing perfume is to order online directly from the designer. The packaging will be gift wrapped beautifully and will make the gift giving experience extra special.

An Experience

One of the love languages people have is quality time. This means a traditional gift may not hit the mark for them. Instead, try gifting an experience that you two would enjoy together. Some ideas would be concert tickets, a nice dinner out, a weekend away to a cute Bed and Breakfast. You could even do a spa day and get couples massages. Get creative, you know your person the best and what they love best.

I hope by reading this guide I sparked some Valentine’s gift giving inspiration. Don’t forget to send this list to your special someone for a little *hint hint*