A little over a month ago I went on a weekend trip to Boston to visit a friend from college. As I write this it seems so long ago. Especially now with the current situation in the world. I hope this post gives you an escape from the troubles in the world, a little happiness, and some hope for the future as we take on each day.

Getting There

If anyone’s ever looked at a map of the northeast then you are probably familiar where New York City and Boston are in comparison on a map. In the overall scheme of things, they don’t look very far from one another. Truth be told though it is a bit more difficult to travel to Boston from New York City, which is probably why I hadn’t been in years. I grew up going to Boston for school trips, for Girl Scouts, or on family trips too. I hadn’t been since I was in high school and I was excited and willing to take a 5+ hour bus to visit a marvelous new place.

Friday Fun

My friend I was visiting Paige picked me up from the bus stop which was coincidentally enough the train station too. We got on the T (Boston’s mass transit) and headed to Paige’s apartment to drop off my things.

With only a small carry-on and backpack I packed lighter than normal for a weekend trip so I was proud of my packing skills. Especially given that it was practically winter a month ago. Paige even made note of how surprised she was that I packed light.

After dropping off my things we realized how hungry we were so we decided to grab some food. We went to this place called Blossom Bar. They served Sichuan food and tropical drinks so it was right up my alley. All the food we ordered was delicious. Especially the crab rangoons.

Saturday Sights

Having not been to Boston in so many years I had so many things I wanted to see and do. Doing research for cute instagrammable things was super easy and I had more than enough ideas to fill up the day. So we spent Saturday doing and seeing all the things.


Colette was our first stop of the day. It was a cute brunch spot in Cambridge that my dreams are only made of. The pictures I had seen before did not do this place justice. From the giant bamboo bar, to the pink velvet booths, antique accents, and beautiful plants this place was everything.

For a Saturday morning, the restaurant was surprisingly bare. Especially if you compare it to a normal brunch in New York. Our meal was delicious and just as pretty as the decor in the restaurant.

Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

From the moment I began looking at places to visit in Boston the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum quickly became number 1 on my list. Isabella Stewart Gardener was a leading American art collector, philanthropist and patron of the arts during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 1903 she founded the museum out of her own house with her personal art collection “for the education and enjoyment of the public forever.”

Walking into the space was something else. It was grand, beautiful, and one of the most unique art museums I had ever been to. With a giant garden in the center of the house and beautiful ornate architecture it was something out of a storybook.

All of the art displayed did not have a description or artist named on the wall. You had to pick up a guide for each room to see exactly what you were looking at. One of the tour guides said that it was intentional for you to just look at and enjoy the art for what it was. I thought that was a beautiful sentiment and something to take with me to museums to visit in the future. Oftentimes at museums I find myself gravitating towards certain art pieces because I recognize the artist and am familiar with the work. This approach strips most of that away and I can just enjoy art for the beauty that it is.

After walking through the museum we stopped at the research garden. This was wonderful to see on a cold February day. Beautiful happy plants in a warm sunny greenhouse. Thinking of it now makes me crave being outside and amongst nature now in this time of crisis.

Shopping, Sips, and Sights

After the museum we headed on our way towards Newbury Street for some retail therapy. We visited stores like Madewell, Anthropogie, Rothys, and a few local boutiques. I am always down for some shopping and this picturesque street was the perfect spot to do it.

After shopping we stopped for a quick lunch at DigInn which is one of my favorite spots in New York. After walking out in the cold comfort food was much needed and well received.

Just across the street was the Boston Public Library so we popped in quickly for fun and to just say I went. Libraries are always so grand and beautiful with the ornate design and architecture and the Boston Public Library is no exception. Definitely worth the 15-minute detour.

After visiting the library it was just about time to hit up happy hour at Citrus & Salt. Citrus & Salt was another insta-worthy spot I had to hit up purely for the aesthetics. Upon arriving we saw an entirely full bar of people. I was stunned at how busy it was for a Saturday afternoon and quickly learned why. Once we got our drinks I was in tequila-heaven. These cocktails were cute, delicious and coupled with the fun decor it was the perfect spot for some mid-day drinks.

After drinks we took the train back to Paige’s apartment for the evening. We were both exhausted and she was hosting a book club that evening so we stayed in drank wine and I met her local friends. A low key night was exactly what I needed.

Lattés and Long Walks

The next day was pretty low key as well. I wanted to visit one last spot before leaving, Tatte Bakery. This Mediterranean bakery was exquisite with delicious food, lattés, and baked goods. The aesthetic was perfect as well. Tatte was the perfect low key Sunday brunch spot. If I could visit there weekly purely for the specialty lattes I would.

After brunch

After brunch we grabbed my bags and took the train towards South Station. We arrived and decided to take a walk by the waterfront and enjoy the outdoors and sun. It was nice and relaxing before boarding the bus for a 5+ hour ride home.

I had the best time in Boston and cannot wait you visit again and knock some more things off my Boston bucket list. Until then it’s nice to reminisce and dream. What’s the first weekend trip you are planning to take when this is all over? I have so many dreams and ideas but I can’t seem to decide on one.