What’s In a Name?

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions about my Blog Name and Instagram handle Ampersands & Attire. What does it mean? Is your name Amber? What’s an ampersand? And a whole whirlwind of other questions, so here I am to explain it all.

My Very Early Start

Let’s rewind back a bit to my high school days. Being young and impressionable I was absolutely obsessed with the world of blogging. It was a new world on the internet and a place I felt I could effectively express myself. I had previously had a very small online presence on Blogspot that I began writing in 2008. Writing mostly angsty teen poetry and nonsensical and apathetic opinions on life, it was definitely far off from where I am at now. This was before Instagram was a big thing like it is now so I never really marketed my tiny blog.

After the untimely death of my first blog, I began searching Wikipedia articles about how to make a blog. Looking into how to name a blog, create content etc. It all seemed so unattainable to me without knowing first hand how to do it all. Then I decided that someday I would make a serious blog when I had more time, knowledge, as well as a good name.

I began to scribble down names looking to other blogs I loved for advice and inspiration. Eventually, I had a long list of names that didn’t really resonate with me. I liked the naming concept of blank and blank, so I began listing things I liked that went with the fashion lifestyle theme I wanted to create. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the exact name I landed on at the time but I do know it was blank & attire. That name stayed in the back of my mind for years until 2016.

The Actual Start

In 2016 I had graduated from college with a degree in graphic design with knowledge of web design, photography, branding, and I was without a full-time job in my field that I loved. As I used my free time to job search I also used that time to build my blog. Wanting to incorporate more design elements into my blog such as my freelance work and hand lettering I moved forward and added ampersands to my blog title to get Ampersands & Attire.

What is an Ampersand?

So you may ask “Emily what the heck is an ampersand and what does it have to do with you?” An ampersand is a logogram that represents “and” It is probably one of my favorite characters in a given typeface and I would always love drawing them and doodling in my classes. An ampersand also means for me that there is more to come, after school I was a bit lost but the ampersand reminds me that I am always moving forward, improving and I am on my own personal journey.

Why Attire?

So I love alliteration so I wanted the second word in my name to have the same beginning letter. So attire seemed like the proper choice since my second focus on my blog is fashion. I feel like attire is a slightly fancy and vintagey word for fashion. It’s classy with a hint of retro and pizazz and that is exactly how I want my style to be portrayed. Also, the word attire is less common nowadays and a bit quirky and to be honest so am I.

What’s Next?

Moving forward I want to focus more on fashion related content. Not to say that I still don’t love design, but the focus of my personal passions has shifted over the past 2 years towards fashion. I am not ditching the ampersands in my name quite yet, I still doodle them incessantly, and my fulltime role is as a designer. So I guess you’ll have to wait and see what the next year brings as far as me and my blog.


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