So I’m sure as many of you have seen the lovely woven bag trend all over Instagram, Pinterest and everywhere else. This trend first began to emerge towards the end of last summer and then regained traction the moment the snow began to melt this spring. I was a little hesitant about this trend at first but now I’ve jumped on the woven bag train and I am all in!

Vintage Woven Finds

My first venture into this trend was a very low risk purchase. I found this vintage straw bag at an estate sale for three dollars. This bag is the perfect size and has the cutest little wooden handles. I’m not usually one for purses that you have to hold but this one is the perfect size and it’s so light. It can fit my camera, wallet, and other essentials just perfectly.  An estate sale, or garage sale can be there perfect place to pick up one of these bags. Also places to look for a more unique bag are Etsy and eBay. I love the idea of a vintage woven bag since these bags are everywhere and having your own unique bag that doesn’t look like everyone else’s is amazing.

Target Finds

The second bag I got was the ever iconic woven circle tote. I got this particular style from Target. I was so excited to find this bag because it was sold out forever and they finally restocked it. Woven bags can be majorly expensive because they’re so detailed and intricate so I was so happy that Target came out with a line of woven bags that are as equally stylish as affordable. Here are some of my picks from the target line that I absolutely love.

Let me know in the comments if you are here for this trend or not