To be honest I have had this blog post planned for weeks and am not just posting this because of relevancy to the recent coronavirus pandemic that is affecting all of us. But, that being said it is extremely well-timed and if this post can help you in any way with your social distancing I am happy to help as a work from home style expert.

The Shift

In August 2019 I began to work from home after a drastic shift occurred in the company I work for. The first two months working from home I was extremely upset, lonely, and depressed. As someone who’s daily life had suddenly changed drastically I was confused with how to find daily joy in my life.

Before the shift, I had found daily happiness in planning my daily outfit, putting on a full face of makeup. That all was taken away from me suddenly, and I didn’t know what to do. After all, who wants to put on a full face of makeup for no one to see when you wear $50 foundation. And who especially wants to dirty and put wear on clothes for no use when you don’t have in-unit or in-building laundry. All my favorite things in life just seemed useless and went from something I did daily to something I did only once or twice a week.

Finding Peace with Working from Home

After spending a few months feeling sad for myself and dealing with a massive change in my life I started a new routine. Granted it wasn’t as grand or elaborate as my previous morning routine. This new routine was something that gave me stability in my life for the first time in a while. I still didn’t changing my stance on not wasting my nice clothes or my expensive makeup. Instead I shifted my focus and found similar little joys in my new work from home wardrobe I began to build.

I’ve come a long long way as someone who didn’t own a pair of sweatpants until the summer of 2019.  But I do think I have some wisdom to share with you about my favorite styles and pieces to work from home in. Being intentional with my wardrobe, even if it is sweatpants had been something that has brought joy and normalcy to my work from home life.

Outfit ideas

Jeans and a Bralette- Jeans are definitely not the most comfortable for some, but something about wearing your favorite jeans is absolute magic. Pair it with a cute bralette and you can feel so cute and put together.

Leggings and a cozy sweater- this is definitely my new go-to. As someone who would not wear leggings unless I was working out, I made an exception for working at home and I am so glad I did. Make sure your sweater is oversized for a more flattering look, and tuck it up under your bra for a cute midriff style.

Sweater pants and any top- I have been loving the trend recently of sweater pants. For those of you who do not know these are magical pants made of a knit that feel exactly like a sweater. Most times they’re cropped, flared, or a wide-leg fit. I think you can pair these with just about anything from a tank top, sweater, bodysuit, or t-shirt. Definitely a must-have in any work from home wardrobe.

Monochromatic sweat set- As I’m sure many of you know my wardrobe consists of the same color palette so matching is pretty easy for me in general. But for those of you who don’t have a singular color palette, I suggest investing in a pair of sweatpants or joggers, and a matching crewneck sweatshirt or sports bra. A matching set is easily the easiest work from home look (besides a bathrobe.) This option can look so intentional and elevated.

Slippers- this is definitely not an outfit in itself but, since working from home I wear slippers every single day. Get a pair you love and are comfy and your feet will be so happy. I promise.

I’ve included some of the pieces below I’ve bought online recently for my work from home wardrobe. I’ve also included some I’ve had my eye on. Did I miss any staple work from home looks that you wear on the daily? Let me know below. I hope you enjoyed this post and in this time of social distancing you can create some normalcy in your routine through casual fashion and style.